Project Management

A Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Extensive experience in large oil tank cleaning, Shutdown Management, and Tender Bid Management

We listen and appreciate that every project is different with specific goals that need to be reached

Adapting to your needs, we work with you every step of the way to achieve the outcome you need

For any of your Project Management or general enquiries, please talk to a member of our specialist team.

Understanding Your Needs

From my own experience, I have had a lot of negative issues with companies coming to look at projects with a client, and not understanding what the clients requirements are.  

They try to upsell services and products, without fully understanding the services and products that are needed.  We know how frustrating that can be!

If a project needs to be delivered in a certain way, we will not look at delivering it another way, unless it is going to add value.  Your needs and requirements are at the top of our priority list.

We are aware that your project is specific to your business and we will deliver your project management to meet those requirements.

Great communication and building strong relationships with you is the key to our success.

We live in a results orientated world. Every client has a specific set of needs and outcomes that must be met.  Every project has a purpose and a goal. Clients want GPW Consulting for their project management because we care about your success and because we consistently deliver results.

All of our experienced, professionally qualified project managers are passionate about their clients and their projects.

Drawing on the vast amount of knowledge, expertise and experience gained from working in diverse sectors and projects, we pride ourselves on finding innovative and creative solutions. Our ability to drive projects forward to deliver real value are essential elements of our service.

Strong leadership is provided at all stages of the project, from inception and briefing, through design and planning to completion and post contract care. We work collaboratively with you and supply chains, facilitating a team ethos where every member of the project team is able to contribute effectively in pursuit of the best solutions and to provide greater certainty of outcomes no matter what the complexity or challenge.

The service we provide is bespoke and flexible, tailored to your needs and project, built on the solid foundations of a robust and proven project management method which gives you the assurance of the strongest levels of control, governance and transparency. High standards are set for service, quality, sustainability and safety.  Our teams are encouraged to find the quickest, most cost effective route to delivering projects whilst at the same time minimising risk.