Hazardous Waste Brokerage

Finding you the best deal for your hazardous waste

How Do We Provide You With A Quotation?

In the first instance, we would assess your waste and analyse any samples of the waste.  GPW Consulting has a network of waste landfill disposal companies.  These companies would range on the specifics of what they can deliver.  Some of these companies will be oil specific, some will specialise in acids for example. 

I have a lot of experience within the industry and have built up a good working relationship with these hazardous waste management companies.  

We will then provide you with the most competitive quotation.  With our experience in the industry, we will have a good understanding of the current market price and be able to iron out the companies who are quoting too low or too high, depending on the waste material involved.

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Our friendly, specialist team will be delighted to answer any questions you may have concerning your Hazardous Waste. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

A lot of businesses have greatly varying quotes for their hazardous waste disposal.  These can range from very high to very low quotes for the same hazardous waste.  This can especially happen with heavy fuel oil and mixed oils.  Some waste removal companies can come in with a very high margin.  We would suggest that a full waste assessment classification analysis is carried out before approaching the marketplace for quotes.  We can take all the stress away and complete these steps on your behalf.  GPW Consulting act as a Hazardous Waste Management Broker.  We have connections and good relationships with many of the large waste companies in the UK.  

GPW Consulting will assess your waste and obtain a range of quotations for you.  We will also carry out a Duty of Care Compliance Check on the companies that are supplying you with Waste Management Services.

A lot of businesses have hazardous waste nowadays and there is a lot of legislation and compliance that needs to be in place.  This could be whether you recycle or dispose of your hazardous waste.  Any third party contractors you may be using to recycle or dispose of your waste, must be fully licensed and have the correct paperwork in place.  In particular, the Consignment Note is a very important document.