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Chris Mutch
Chris Mutch(MBIFM) Maintenance Manager
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After needing a Roof Survey and posting on LinkedIn, Neil contacted me with a fast and innovative resolution - Drone video.

It was the best I had seen with so many contractors trying to charge for access equipment/scaffold and 20 page reports which was not what I wanted or needed. I needed the footage to be able to see directly where my issues were.

The footage itself was clear as day in 4k resolution and it was available on the same day for viewing. Neil later edited the footage and gave snap shots of issues along with a detailed report and findings.

I would recommend Neil to all my colleagues for his fast and comprehensive approach - no messing about! Thanks again!
  • Using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to perform an inspection can save time, money, increase productivity and reduce health and safety risks.
  • We provide cost effective and reliable aerial data capture to Industrial clients.
  • All of our drone operators are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to conduct aerial work and are fully insured.
  • We can deliver real-time information, remove Health and Safety implications from hard to reach places, and provide a cost effective solution for building surveys.
  • We offer bespoke services and our approach to surveying using UAV equipment will have a significant benefit to your business in terms of HSE Compliance, cost reduction, reduced CSE & WAH and speed of reporting.
  • By forming a strong relationship with you and listening carefully to your needs, we deliver a cost effective specialist inspection service that reduces the Health and Safety implications of traditional methods of surveying/inspection.
  • We provide an approachable service dedicated to delivering an alternative solution to building/structure inspections.
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Dynamic aerial video chimney fallback
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Dynamic Aerial Video and Imagery
Dynamic Aerial Video and Imagery
Dynamic Aerial Video and Imagery

Real Time Information

UAV’s can impact buildings insurance by reducing claim time frames, lowering losses from fraud, provide real time information and reduce the health & safety implications of accessing hard to reach areas. We recently helped a client establish the condition of a roof within minutes of takeoff.

Remove H&S Implications

The Health & Safety and Cost Reduction benefits of UAV surveys are massive. For example, the identification of rust, damage and/or major repair requirements with no need to implement costly access/egress and no exposure of employees to Working at Height Risks. No fuss, no hassle, low cost bespoke 4k video and hi-res images supplied.

Cost Effective

A recent Roof Survey was conducted on a damaged roof. Our inspection allowed a repair quote to be submitted and saved over £4,000 in survey costs. In addition to this it reduced the need for working at height in a difficult to access location. Pictures and video produced within minutes ready to view.